25 June 2009

A Taste of the Good Life

We had to take it easy today; weather and the weariness of my travel buddies made hiking a bad idea. In taking the day off, I think I've discovered something else that Wolfie and I have in common. Wolfie would get up and hike with me no matter how tired or sore, even if it could end up hurting him. He just has to keep moving if I am. But maybe there's one slight difference between the two of us on this point--I just have to keep moving, no matter what Wolfie is doing. Although I enjoyed myself today, I couldn't help noticing a nervous energy building in me. Oh dear, maybe little progress is being made. Maybe hiking all day just keeps my frenetic thoughts at bay, and having to take it easy reveals again how tightly wound I actually am. The news that we're expecting rain again tomorrow nearly put me in panic mode. I don't know what indoor activities can be had here; I've never done any. Hopefully the weatherman is wrong, and we can tamp down my restlessness with a good walk somewhere, but that doesn't necessarily get me further in my journey to a calmer disposition. And so I worry again. I am exactly as advertised in my first post--a first-rate worrier.

We spent part of today just walking around town. Tippy and Wolfie went shopping at one of their favorite stores, The Barkery, but Wolfie seems interested in checking out every store. Who knew my furry son was such a shopper? An open door at any restaurant, too, seemed to be an invitation to him. He was quite popular with the diners, at least. He'd pull me in the direction of a table at the open door, and his new friends would give him a little pat on the head. Little did they know that he had no interest in making their acquaintance and only wanted to make off with their meals. At least he got a taste of our lunch today.

We had lunch at Crepes a la Cart. It's basically a small trailer in the middle of town large enough to hold all necessary ingredients, three crepe griddles, and two workers. In all of the years we've been here, I've never eaten there, even though I've salivated when catching a hint of their wonderful smells floating on the breeze. We decided to get one savory and one sweet and split each. These folks know how to make a good crepe. I have had crepes at what is considered to be the best creperie in London, but they were shockingly greasy. These were the perfect combination of soft and crisp, leaving virtually no butter on the fingers. We started with a white asparagus and hollandaise crepe and finished with a Gateau de St. Honoree, which is a crepe filled with sugar, cinnamon, caramel, and Grand Marnier. That's what you see me seriously gnawing on in the photo. How could I help myself?

Tomorrow is the Farmer's Market in Dillon. Hopefully the sun will break up the storm clouds and give us another sweet day in the mountains.

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  1. Ooo! Crepes from a trailer - like at Hampstead? ;-)

    Go get 'em Wolfie!!