01 July 2009

At Last (Reprise)

No hiking today. No wildflower viewing today. No crepes. Instead, I spent 5 hours in the car, making the roundtrip from Breckenridge to Denver. It's not that the trip is 2 1/2 hours each way. I was able to stop at Whole Foods in Denver before I headed to the airport. After departing the airport, we stopped at Pets Mart to pick up more munchies for the dogs. So the trip is actually 1 1/2 hours each way. I just had some detours along the way.

If you noted the pronoun shift from singular to plural, you may guess the reason for my title for today's post and why such a long day in the car was more than worth it. I picked up Rich (my sweetie) finally. He's spending the rest of the time out here with us. When we're ready to go back to Michigan, we'll be dropping him off at the airport and continuing on our cross-country drive. Until that sad day, I'm so excited to have him with me again.

Tomorrow will be a tough day for me. He's my best friend. I absolutely love doing things with him. So I'll want to dive right into hiking with him; I've even planned for us to go kayaking one day. But tomorrow will require restraint, yet another attribute I have in short supply. He's been traveling since 4:30 this morning, so he's really tired. Add altitude to that, and you have a guy who probably needs to take it easy tomorrow. So another opportunity for me to try and develop more palatable personality traits. Patience-blah. Selflessness-yuck. Generosity-pshaw.

Okay, lots of growing to do still...

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