05 July 2009


Breckenridge, Colorado knows how to celebrate Independence Day. I don't think I've ever had such a great time on the 4th of July. We started the day at our realtor's office on Main St. Each year, she hosts a parade party and invites all of her clients. She mixed up a huge batch of Bloody Marys and made sure that everyone had a cup in hand, and she placed seating right out at the curb and reserved all of the spaces for us. Breckenridge's parade is pretty big, and it seems that just about anyone can enter it. I especially liked the wedding float. A couple got married last night, and they stayed up all night with their bridal party and were in the parade this morning. Everyone was still in tuxes and gowns, and the bride and groom were pulled behind a truck in a trailer made up to look like a canopy bed. A few men were dressed up in 1860s clothing and staged a shoot-out in front of one of the old saloons. And everyone threw candy. We had a great time helping three kids grab up all the goodies.

We've never stayed here for 4th of July. We either vacate for our long-term renters by now or we just spend more time in the early part of June. I think after the parade today and the fireworks tonight, though, we're going to make this part of our annual trip. I really didn't have a lot of hope for the Breckenridge fireworks display. I don't know why I didn't, but I just assumed it would be small. We left the condo at 8:00 and headed downtown. The National Repertory Orchestra was giving a free concert before the fireworks, so we parked right near where the fireworks were supposed to go off, and we walked to the Riverwalk Center to catch a little of the NRO's performance. It gets pretty cool in Breckenridge at night, normally falling into the low 40s, so we were pretty chilled when we got back to the car. We parked in the perfect position to watch the fireworks from the car, and when they started, I knew I was completely wrong about what kind of show they could put on. It really was spectacular. There were moments when the night sky was so lit up with sparkling golden showers that it was as if every star was visible. Absolutely stunning, and a perfect end to a really good day.

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