26 May 2012

Day 5: Jubilee

They are really getting excited about the Queen's 60th Jubilee celebration around here. Street parties are planned all over the place, and many shops have special Jubilee paper plates, table linens, chutneys, etc for the party. The Union Jack is everywhere.

Don't ask me why I took photos of whole rabbit from France and wood pigeon from Britain while I was at Harrod's. I was just fascinated for some reason. Then we went to lunch at my favorite vegetarian restaurant.

And then we visited St. Paul's. Anyone notice how blue the sky is in nearly every photo? Am I really in England?

1 comment:

  1. Apparently St. Paul's has been magically whisked to a sunnier clime... I noticed the blue skies on the first picture and wondered where you'd wandered off to!