29 May 2012

Day 8: Great Dixter

I may have given the impression yesterday that those were my last photos. They were really just my last photos of the day. Today's posting will be my last, as we visited our last garden. I think we really saved the best for last. We visited Great Dixter, the home of the late genius gardener Christopher Lloyd. The words that seem most appropriate to describe the garden are frothy, magnificent, breathtaking, and ebullient.

Here's the house, which dates to the middle of the 15th century. And yes, the front does lean a bit.

This is a Victorian watering cart. They would fill these with water, wheel them around the garden, and use a hand pump to spray the plants with water.

Tiny pink poppies in a bed of allium.

Here's one more word to describe the gardens: topiary. Love the squirrels!

The famous long border.

One last look...

And that's it. Hope you've all enjoyed the gardens.


  1. What?!? No more purple? Seriously, Becky, these are travel-brochure, nay, coffee table book worthy pictures. Hope to see every one of them someday (especially the purple ones).

  2. Yes, you definitely saved the best for last! Thanks for the transport ... I feel so inspired. These photos unquestionably need to be professionally published! -Tanya