17 May 2016

Going "Home" before Going Home

We were in what I consider to be my second home today. I'm incredibly tired after the long drive from Cornwall this morning and an afternoon spent walking around London. So I'm going to leave everyone with a series of photos, and then I'm going to rest before our flight home tomorrow.

After dropping off the car and riding the Tube from Heathrow, we arrived at our magnificent hotel. Recognize it? Think Harry Potter.

Is that Ron's car flying past?

The hotel is next door to one of my favorite places, so we  dropped in to peruse the beautiful books on display in the manuscript room. What struck me most this time was how precious books once were. And now we have Nooks and Kindles and all sorts of non-books. 

Hello, friend

Then we stopped at our favorite fish and chips place.

I'll have a plate of yummy grease, please!

Fully recharged from the tasty lunch, we headed for my favorite landmarks in London.

The Queen opens Parliament tomorrow. They're ready for her.

We got to see angles of the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey that I don't recall seeing before.

A new side to the Palace at Westminster

And Wesminster Abbey

George V outside of Westminster Abbey

Richard the Lionheart outside of Parliament

Above the great north door at Westminster Abbey

Then we had to go get some cheese.

My mouth was watering at this point

And we took it back to the hotel for a light dinner.


And now we're off to bed before heading home.

Goodnight, London

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