13 May 2016

The Edge of the World

I've been to heaven, and it is in Cornwall, England. We visited Tintagel today, which is believed to be the site of King Arthur's castle. The castle ruins are beautiful, as are the foundations of houses from the Dark Ages. But all of the elements that make up this place--the craggy rocks, the wide-ranging blues of the water, the stone outcroppings in the ocean, the thick tufts of grass and the little flowers that grow in the most inhospitable of places--make this a place that had me tearing up several times throughout our visit.

One of these holes is said to have been Merlin's cave

The climb to the top of the site was incredible. 

The bridge is just the midway point

There's an interesting mix of artifacts along the climb. The first is this 19th century door at the top of the steep set of steps that leads to some of the castle ruins.

A doorway to heaven?

And this is what we found as we walked through the door.

The jagged slate adds to the beauty

And as we climbed higher, everywhere we turned yielded breathtaking views.

More of the stunning views

I love the moss inside the cave

This bird didn't fly away, no matter how close I got to him

And finally we reached this impressive statue of King Arthur at the tip of The Island.

King Arthur stands guard

We descended the first major set of steps to reach the bridge again. Across the bridge and up another set of steep steps, we found more castle ruins.

The Fitbit registered 54 flights today

One more set of steps yielded these views. 

This is the Mainland Courtyard

Looking through one of the courtyard windows

I do not know how anything could top today, but we're pretty sure that the next phase of our tour--the garden visits--will provide us some inspiring sights, too.

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