17 June 2013

Day 3: A Pottery and Its Gardener

When I awoke this morning, it was pouring rain. The hopeful plan was to walk part of the Cotswold Way that links to the village. My first thought was of mud, and so I quickly shelved that plan until we might have a better day for it. Instead, we started the day in Chipping Campden, a lovely small town not far from our village.

The old Market Hall

The honey-colored Cotswold stone really made the town glow this morning, even in the rain. We were especially impressed with this horse, made from sempervivum. Perhaps I could try a dog version of this at home...okay, not really.

The impressive succulent steed

Then we went on to Whichford Pottery where we met Harriet, the head gardener, who is also someone I follow on Twitter, largely because she takes lovely photos of her work. She was the ideal tour guide for us, kindly showing us the kilns and clay. She also took us to see some of the Makers while they worked on throwing different shapes and sizes of pots. It was remarkable to see the skill of these artists. So then we walked around to see all that Harriet does to make the place so beautiful, and we spent quite a lot of time wishing we could pack a sizable pot for the flight home but finally settled on a few smaller and more reasonable items for ourselves.

When I saw all of these pots, I just wanted to say, "Yes, please!"

One of my favorite bits in Harriet's garden

We took care of some grocery shopping at an independent, organic store in Stow-on-the-Wold. Had to finish up the shopping at Tesco, sadly, but we're well-stocked for the rest of the week. We headed home to sit out in our garden and have a glass of wine before dinner.

Crooked? The camera is perched on an old wall!

While we were out there, I got to take some photos with a much fuller perspective of how our little cottage is situated.

Those are our neighbors to the right

And tomorrow, we're off to other great gardens...

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