19 June 2013

Day 5: A Tower and A University

We had really remarkable weather today. We woke to bright sunshine and blue skies, which was perfect for our first visit of the day. We drove up to see Broadway Tower, which is yet another structure built out of the honeyed Cotswold stone. When we arrived, we fell silent (quite surprising for the three of us) and just scanned the scene. Lush green grass rolled for miles around us. We saw sheep and deer. And a short walk brought us to the tower, which sits on a hilltop to itself. We climbed the 4 flights of stairs to find views of what seemed to be the whole of the Cotswolds. What a way to start the day. I could do that regularly.

Broadway Tower

Views for miles

And miles
Then we headed for Oxford and our tour of the city and the university. Here are just a few highlights.
The chapel at Keble College
The Chapel's Altar

The Radcliffe Camera

We finished up our visit with a pint at The Eagle and Child pub. The last photo will explain why. Tomorrow, we're on to Highgrove, Prince Charles's estate in the Cotswolds, and no photography is allowed. It might be a light post, then, but check in to see what I might discover.

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