21 June 2013

Day 7: Churchill

We had yet another remarkable day in terms of both weather and sightseeing. We began the morning by driving to St. Martin's church in the village of Bladon. It is in this humble churchyard that the great Winston Churchill (along with much of his family) is buried. I loved the peace of this place. No sounds were heard but that of the birds. It just felt exactly like a place of rest.

I think we spent nearly an hour there, simply drawn in by the fact that we could observe a time of respect for a great world leader in utter silence and solitude. And then we finally got back into the car to visit his birthplace, Blenheim Palace, which is the complete opposite of the church yard. In fact, I found the scale of Blenheim rather difficult to comprehend. No matter how long I tried to take in the whole scene, I felt I really couldn't grasp it all at once. If only I could impress a monarch as much as the 1st Duke of Marlborough apparently did.

The dining table being set for a formal dinner

Just a portion of the palace
We spent the whole afternoon at Blenheim and had a marvelous time. The day ended with a drive back to the cottage, a quiet dinner, and a walk around the village at sunset. Brace yourselves. It's so beautiful here.

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