22 June 2013

Day 8: A Summer Fete, a Castle, and Dinner in the Village

We started the day by heading into Broadway because mom reads books by Marion Chesney, and many of them mention the Lygon Arms, which is in Broadway. She wanted a photo of the place she had read about so much.

The Lygon Arms

As luck would have it, Broadway was having its summer fete. We got to watch a few Morris dance troupes, which was a real treat for us. 
This is apparently a more raucous Morris group

A clogging group from the Isle of Wight

Not Morris dancers, but Welsh dancers

Mom and my sister-in-law chose for us to visit Sudeley Castle afterwards. It was once the home of Katherine Parr, Henry VIII's 6th wife, who had the very fine distinction of outliving him. It is a lovely place, though much changed thanks to the rough treatment by Oliver Cromwell during the Protectorate. The ruins, however, are fantastic. 

Part of the barn survived

One of the remaining banqueting hall walls

The church where Katherine Parr is buried

We finished the day and our time here in Stanton with a lovely dinner at the Mount Inn, high atop the hill in the village. We're back to London tomorrow for our last day before we head home. Here's one final look at the village we've called our home for the last week.

The view of the church from the Mount Inn

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