18 June 2013

Day 4: Two Remarkable Gardens

The weather gods smiled upon us today, even though their minions (in the form of forecasters) had threatened a miserably wet day. We were fretting a bit about today, worried that we would be absolutely drenched while walking around Hidcote Manor garden and Kiftsgate Court. Instead, we found ourselves peeling off our jackets and catching some sun.

Hidcote Manor is as beautiful as I remembered it. The gardens clearly show signs of the very long winter, as many things that should be in full flower by now are another week or so from opening. Ultimately, that had very little impact on our day because the gardens are simply breathtaking. It's really hard to choose just a few photos, but I'll do my best.

I so want to go through this door near the entrance

This Aquilegia (Columbine) looks like a star

An iconic view

Frothy. Perfect.
After a few hours at Hidcote Manor, we headed basically across the road to Kiftsgate Court, a garden started by a woman and kept going by her daughter and now her granddaughter. It's very different to Hidcote, but it really is pretty spectacular in its own right. 

Views for miles

A garden that invites you in

The pool and folly beyond

Tomorrow we're off to see more grand vistas and to have a tour of Oxford. Sounds like the rain might get us, though. Stay tuned.


  1. I find that I'm reading in my head with a slight British accent... do you feel you are writing with one??? beautiful photos

  2. Sorry about the bad weather! It's been a long winter and a cold and wet spring / summer. But your pictures are gorgeous! Enjoy Oxford!